Waiting Melody

by Woolen Warrior

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Songs for short days, cold and close. Sometimes we tell stories about ourselves. Sometimes we believe them.


released 04 December 2013

Music written and performed by Sam Gray

Recorded by Sam Gray and Patrick Lebahn at Dub Narcotic Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Sam Gray at DNS




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Track Name: Waiting Melody
wind don't scare me
it's been gusty
learned my lesson
heat is what you save

i've been riding
bags a laden
i've been waiting
i've been waiting

soon I'll arrive
so i will treasure
quiet times when
i'm just waiting
i am waiting
Track Name: The Herald, the Hero, and Other Stories
i was in a hurry, i was getting pretty worried
giving more then what i got, every hour on every clock
i was gonna make it even if it left me tattered
i was paying what i owed, i was reaping what i sowed
but it wasn't meant to be, the story wasn't me and i spoke

I was sick and stable, I was idle but my eyes were
caught on fire, burned to cinder, never ceasing not releasing
i was just a mumble but my mind would not stop searching
for the word that i forgot, for the key that fit the lock
but it wasn't meant to be, the story wasn't me and I spoke

oh, oh

i was righteous, i was just, like the river, like the rust
i could feel the mortal coil, i was gonna tell the world
to sing sing all your praises, take them to the darker spaces
ring ring bells are sounding, time for struggle, time for pain

i thought that the tower would fall, every brick and every wall
that the roads would crack, that the earth would take them back
but it wasn't meant to be, the story wasn't me and i spoke

i am nothing
i am nothing
i am nothing
i am free